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At NOPHY we understand that choosing the perfect engraving for your personalized jewelry can be a special yet sometimes challenging task. 


Whether you’re crafting a unique piece for yourself or selecting a heartfelt gift for someone special, the right inscription adds depth and meaning to your jewelry. If you find yourself seeking inspiration or wondering how to bring your feelings and memories into a few words? we’re here to help. 


Introducing our ‘Inspiration Page’ – a dedicated space designed to awaken your creativity and guide you in selecting the perfect engraving for your jewelry.

Pet Paw

For pet lovers, immortalize your furry friend’s paw print in a pendant, ring, or bracelet. It’s a touching way to carry your pet’s memory with you.

Words From a
Loved One

Engraving a written note, a meaningful quote, or a loved one’s handwriting onto a piece of jewelry. Whether it’s a sweet message from a partner, a note from a parent, or a sentiment from a friend, it becomes an enduring keepsake.


A delicate necklace with the initials of the baby’s name engraved on a pendant. This timeless piece serves as a constant reminder of the little one who’s about to make a grand entrance into the world.å√

Custom Symbols
And Designs

Beyond text, you can use custom symbols, drawings, or designs to represent specific memories or emotions. For example, a heart symbol with a fingerprint engraving can symbolize a close bond.


Capture the soundwaves of a meaningful voice recording or a favorite song lyric in the form of a unique pattern or design on your jewelry.

Heartbeat Ultrasound

Engraving your loved one’s heartbeat into a piece of jewelry is a way to freeze that fleeting moment in time and hold it close.

Zodiac Sign

Include zodiac symbols or constellations in your jewelry to signify astrological connections and personality traits.


Engraving a picture can also serve as a tribute to loved ones who may no longer be with us. It’s a way to keep their memory close and honor their presence in your life.

Remember, your jewelry is a reflection of your personality and sentiment. It’s a reminder of the moments that matter most in life. So, go ahead, dream big, and let your imagination run wild as you embark on your next jewelry creation journey with us. If you have any questions, need assistance, or are ready to start your order, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We can’t wait to help you bring your unique jewelry vision to life.

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